hat feels good! Magical massages – the purest form of a deep relaxation

Do you want to let loose by every trick of the book? Do you have the urge to leave the annoying tensions and co. behind? If yes, rely on the expert hands of our staff, because they know what your muscles now need. A pleasant massage at the Wellness Hotel Gutjahr is balm for body, mind and soul! 

 Pleasant variety: Our massages at a glance


  • Back massage 
  • Full-body massage
  • Foot reflex massage
  • Lymph drainage
  • Aromatic oil massage 
  • Hot Stone
  • Stamp massage (various stamps to choose from)
  • Shiatsu
  • NEW!!!: Cupping
  • NEW!!!: Gua-Sha (back massage with Gua-Sha)



Our specialty: the herbal stamp massage

Let yourself be carried away to the place of holistic wellbeing after this traditional thermal type of treatment, which originally comes from India and Thailand. A special massage technique, which helps to rebalance your body internally as well as externally.  


First your body will be anointed with precious preheated oils and then it will be massaged with stamp bags, if desired only the back or the whole body. These little bags contain herbs, spices and nourishing ingredients and they will be heated from 65 to 80 degrees – a relaxing relief especially for the tense spots! With this method the self-healing powers will be activated, the purification process will be initiated  and the blood circulation will be vigorously stimulated.